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Meet the candle maker, twinbossmama.

Berenice's candle-making business is more than just a company - it's a story of resilience, healing, and community building. For Berenice, her passion for candle-making began as a hobby, something she would do to unwind after long days at her previous job. But soon, it blossomed into something she never could have imagined: a thriving small business with a loyal customer base.

Growing up, Berenice faced numerous challenges, including childhood trauma that would leave a lasting impact on her life. It wasn't until she met her future husband that things began to turn around, and she found herself starting a family and embracing a new passion - candle-making. Her candles were therapeutic for her, and she quickly realized that they could be therapeutical for others as well.

Despite her newfound passion, Berenice still faced challenges. In 2013, her brother Eman tragically passed away by suicide, shaking her to her core. In the midst of grieving, Berenice turned to her candles, using them to find comfort and solace in the therapeutic scents and the creativity of candle-making.

As Berenice found more success with her candle-making business, she developed a new passion: teaching others how to candle make. For her, it was a way to give back to the community and help others find healing in a creative outlet. Through her workshops and online tutorials, Berenice has touched the lives of countless individuals, many of whom have found solace and healing in the craft.

Now, Berenice's business has grown beyond her wildest dreams. Not only has she developed a loyal customer base, but she has also built a community of individuals who share her passion for creativity and healing. Her candles have become a beacon of hope for those who have struggled with trauma, loss, and adversity.

In the end, for Berenice, it's all about the people - her customers, her students, and her community. She is grateful for the opportunity to share her passion for candle-making with others and bring light into their lives through her candles. As her business continues to thrive, Berenice looks to the future with hope and excitement, ready to continue building her community and supporting those who need it most.

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