The Vision


 Berenice and Jose Guadarrama are the founders of Millennium Essence. It was founded after they married in 2019, and a year later they were expecting  twin girls. Becoming twin parents kept them extremely busy, they later moved officially to Atascadero, California in December 2021 to raise their daughters in a slower-paced environment. They love the community, the wildlife in nature, wine tasting and as foodies also visiting their favorite local restaurants.


The idea behind Millennium Essence is simple: hand-make natural products for the world to enjoy.  The artisanal candle-making process begins with the finest raw materials, including the highest quality natural waxes and oils. We then add a touch of natural flowers to enhance the scent of your candle home decor. The result is an amazing smelling candle that will help you relax, unwind, and create a beautiful atmosphere in your home. 


At Millennium Essence, they combine scents with a passion to perfect every product. They believe any occasion should be granted with a touch of tranquility—and that’s why we strive to make every product with love and passion.